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WWETT Talks Live

Featuring bite-sized insights from the wastewater industry’s most innovative leaders, WWETT Talks LIVE is your opportunity to grab the mic atop the industry's biggest stage!

You will see and hear from the best of the best from all across the globe:

  • Founders/CEOs/Presidents
  • Executives
  • Educators
  • Coaches/Trainers

We're covering anything and everything wastewater related! Of course, you can expect the occasional off-script discussion you'll just have to tune in for:

  • Which trends to adopt and which ones to avoid
  • Leadership and roles in company structures
  • Becoming a multi-dimensional operation
  • Company trials and tribulations
  • The importance of your work and community impact

Interested in joining the conversation?

Featured Episodes


During WWETT 2023, we stop by to speak with Gil Carrol and James Kicklighter from MaxLiner. As one of the premier brands in the CIPP industry, you can always expect something special from them at the WWETT show!

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In this installment of WWETT Talks Live at WWETT 2023, we have Todd Masley, president of Vac-Con! Listen in to hear the BIG news from their show booth and what exciting developments they have in store for the industry this year.

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