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Why Attend

Get Hands-On With The Industry

Explore a thriving expo hall, learn about new products and services, network with your peers, and complete your continuing education hours at the wastewater and environmental services event of the year.

Explore the Expo Hall

Industry Leading Exhibitors

Connect directly with 500+ suppliers and manufacturers from over 20 industries and make informed purchasing decisions as they display new products, equipment, and services.

Innovative Products

Discover the latest products, services, and technologies that are driving the industry. See, touch, and feel the products, equipment, and services, and make purchases right on the show floor!

Live Demos

Witness live demonstrations on the expo hall floor that will leave you in awe as powerful machines tackle the toughest wastewater challenges with ease, pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

Network at Special Events

Connect with like-minded professionals, forge new alliances, and tap into a global community of wastewater and environmental service professionals at our networking events. Build relationships, share stories and challenges, and enjoy yourself at our lively special events.

Learn with Accredited Education

The WWETT Show Education Program offers a comprehensive and insightful lineup of sessions designed to imbue wastewater professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in their industry, all while earning CEUS and Continuing Education Credits. From expert-led seminars to in-depth training courses, this program provides a wealth of learning opportunities that cover a wide range of topics.

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"The opportunities for networking, meeting new vendors and classes are top notch!"              

~ WWETT Attendee
"Enjoyed the wide variety of equipment at the trade show and the amount of vendors."

~ WWETT Attendee
"There were products in exhibit booths that I wanted to see in person. Day 1 of the educational sessions was phenomenal!!! The keynote speaker was inspiring and a great addition to the show."

~ WWETT Attendee
"It was a tremendous overview of companies,  products,  services that my company utilize.  Also the many demos were invaluable for me to have a better understanding of those products etc."

~ WWETT Attendee
"The show exceeded my expectations in many areas. Education for excellent and vendor participation was spot on. "

~ WWETT Attendee
"I'm new to the industry and my gosh.....the amount of technology was astounding!!!  Secondly, your vendors, were so friendly and helpful."

~ WWETT Attendee