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Explore the Expo Hall

The expo hall at WWETT Show is the Industry's marketplace where you can explore the latest technology, the newest equipment, and the best ideas.

These are the tools and resources that will help you with your business.

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Learn from the best

Choose from over 70 sessions taught by some of the best and brightest in the industry.

Four days of seminars, including opportunities for certification, plus, a series of workshops designed to give you a deep-dive into ways to boost your business.

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Gather with your peers

Interested in sharing ideas with colleagues? How about a beer with friends?

Learn about all the great events that will be taking place at the next WWETT Show.

Vibrant downtown Indiana market with a lady in a newsboy hat and apron artfully creating delicious food others are watching her prepare the food

Explore the best of Indianapolis

Indiana Convention Center is located in Indy’s vibrant downtown. You will find a wide array of restaurants, hotels, art and cultural venues, sports facilities, and green space all within a short stroll.

“This is an absolute must-attend show for anybody that's involved in the wastewater industry."

“WWETT is all about seeing what's new in the industry, what's out there, trying to stay on top of the game...”

- WWETT Show 2022 Attendee


“I haven't missed a show since 1998, and I don't think I ever will!”

- WWETT Show 2022 Attendee


"It's a great show for our product that's very hands-on with our customers, answer any questions they have. It just helps us with marketing and sales; a lot of leads coming out of this."

-WWETT Show 2022 Exhibitor

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