New Products and Equipment at Every Corner

Explore thousands of products on display in the WWETT Show Expo Hall!

The WWETT Show is THE marketplace for the wastewater and environmental services industry, and the exhibit hall is the hub. With 600+ exhibitors displaying, attendees come to the WWETT Show to get face-to-face with manufacturers and make buying decisions.

Join thousands of your peers as you:

  • See the new product launches
  • Learn about the latest trends and technologies driving the industry
  • Meet directly with manufacturers and product reps
  • See, touch, and feel the products, equipment, and services
  • Purchase products and equipment - the WWETT Show expo hall is the marketplace where deals get done!

Some of the product and service categories you'll see:

Septic Pumping

Portable Sanitation

Grease Handling

Laterals & Mainlines

Pipeline Rehab/CIPP

High-Pressure Cleaning


Onsite Installation


Sewer Cleaning

TV Inspection


Safety Equipment


Confined Space       

Computer Software


Lift Station Maintenance

Industrial Vacuuming

Utility Location


No Soliciting or “Suitcasing” 

WWETT Show attendees are prohibited from soliciting business from other attendees or exhibitors in any of the facilities used as part of the WWETT Show, except when such solicitation is made by a WWETT Exhibitor within the Exhibitor’s booth or event space, as previously authorized by Show Management.

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