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Episode 3: Making Sense of Wastewater

Here at WWETT, we’ve launched a new podcast—designed to give wastewater and environmental service professionals (like you!) a glimpse into the latest news, insights and the real people who are making waves in the industry. It’s called “Making Waves,” and we have a great episode for you below!

Meet David Lloyd, CEO of FREDsense Technologies, which builds field kits to makewater-quality analysis faster, cheaper, and more efficient.

In our latest episode of Making Waves with WWETT, we spoke with David about helping to monitor wastewater during the pandemic, tackling emerging contaminants, the power of partnering with utilities, and more.

Lloyd notes that...

“Right now, everyone’s asking the question of, ‘what did we learn during these last few years? What were the things that worked in what contexts, and what can be improve on?’ One of those key factors is understanding what’s in our wastewater sewer sheds as a predictive indicator of what may be on the horizon. Using these types of tools really gives us fore warning, knowledge, the ability to respond and predict what may be the challenges of the future—so we can be more mobile and ready for what’s to come.”

Listen to the full episode here.


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