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Episode 2: Diving into Water Quality Efforts in LA

Here at WWETT, we’ve launched a new podcast—designed to give wastewater and environmental service professionals (like you!) a glimpse into the latest news, insights and the real people who are making waves in the industry. It’s called “Making Waves,” and we have a great episode for you below!

Please meet Brady Skaggs, Water Quality Program Director of the Pontchartrain Conservancy in Louisiana. In this episode of Making Waves, we spoke with Brady about the importance of education in building sustainable coastal areas, advocating for centralized wastewater treatment, and more.

Brady notes that,

“As an organization, what we would like to see is an environmentally sustainable and resilient region. The ways we go about doing that, first and foremost, is to drive stewardship in the area. That’s done by scientific data capture, and then we perform different activities associated with education and advocacy.”

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