WWETT Show Video and Photo Policy

Still photographs or video recordings of products / displays from cameras or mobile devices are only permitted with prior approval of the exhibiting company.  No photography or videography is permitted in common areas of the exhibit hall, the installation clinics, in seminars or in registration.

Recording, filming, taping with video equipment on the Exhibition grounds is only allowed under the following conditions:

  • Media outlet must receive advanced permission from Show Management AND the exhibitor being recorded.
  • Exhibitors are responsible for securing any and all necessary releases for any performances, displays or other uses of copyrighted works, patented inventions or other intellectual property.
  • Show Management is authorized to record and use audio/visual materials recorded at the Show for all promotional materials directly related to the promotion of future Remodeling Shows.
  • Radio and television reporters and cameramen must obtain an official Press Badge from the WWETT Show registration desk.
  • Footage is truly for editorial purposes.Footage will not be resold or used as a means for profit generation.
  • Filming/Photography prior to the show floor opening interferes with exhibit operations and will not be permitted.

Only official members of the press with advance permission from Show Management will be allowed to film/tape on the show floor during exhibit hours. If you plan to have a TV, radio, or video crew with you, a shot list must be provided in advance for approval by the Show Director.  For specific questions or more information, please contact us directly.