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Flying In[formation] : Compatible asset management done right!

Asset management is not just a data base, not just a catalog of parts and activities. At its best it mirrors the system and allows everyone, at any time, to see what's happening - and what might be ABOUT to happen!

Hosted by t4Spatial, where the mission is simple. To get more value from your pipeline inspection data and CCTV video. That means storing, indexing, and sharing your videos in the cloud and visualizing your inspection data via embedded links so it’s more accessible, usable, and valuable. Can you to find the information you need, when you need it, and from any device, while tethering your resources together to maximize workflows?

Come find out how.

Irrigation of Agricultural crops with Recycled Water

This event focuses on the experience gained in the field in California and other regions over the past several decades regarding use of recycled water for irrigation of agricultural crops.

Regulations governing use of recycled water for agriculture will be discussed comparing their stringency and effectiveness with special emphasis on microbial risks.

Sweden: Island of Öland. Mörbylånga wastewater treatment for potable reuse wins 2019 prize for innovation.

Sweden: Island of Öland. Mörbylånga wastewater treatment for potable reuse wins 2019 prize for innovation. When the water plant is fully operational the supply of drinking water in the municipality will be assured for very long periods of rainfall shortage.

So, how does it work? How´s the economy? What are the results?

Small On-Site Domestic Wastewater Treatment Systems – An Australian Perspective.

This webinar will begin with an introduction to decentralised wastewater treatment, followed by a survey of the landscape of standards/regulations governing on-site wastewater systems performance certification internationally, with a focus on the relevant Australian context.

Let it rain! Reuse for urban watersheds and drinking? Is it safe?

Rainwater tanks have been a feature of urban society since the days of ancient civilizations in Persia, Greece & Jordon. With the widespread advent of reticulated water in cities in the 20th century, they largely fell out of favor except for rural and peri-urban communities.

This webinar will touch lightly on most of these topics, with particular emphasis on assessing human health aspects of its use for drinking & non-drinking end uses.

Wastewater-Based Epidemiology

Join us to discuss how measuring biomarkers in wastewater can reveal information about chemical consumption and population health with Dr. Jake O’Brien, University of Queensland.

Sensileau - Post Covid 19 optimization strategies and tools for Municipal Systems

Sensileau - Post Covid 19 optimization strategies and tools for Municipal Systems: Coming to terms with the new reality.

To be covered:
* Water Challenges Addressed by Sensors
* Water Treatment Case Study
* Wastewater Treatment Case Study
* Sensileau's Approach and Platform

Lake Gkula and the Woodford Folk Festival. Queensland Australia

In this presentation Ben Kele, current WasteWater Education Board member will discuss the water quality results of Lake Gkula.

This presentation will focus on the risk assessment that determined the water quality parameters required to allow the swimmers to swim safely. It will discuss the development of a monitoring program and examine the water quality results during the commissioning phase and while swimmers were using Lake Gkula during the festival.

OSHA Rules and Guidance for Water and Wastewater Essential Workers

This webinar session will cover:

* A Brief History of the Virus
* Review of Corona Virus Symptoms
* Transmission of the Virus
* What kind of emergency funding can you access?
* Employee Training on Preventative Measures
* Laws Adopted to Address the Pandemic

New Options for Resizing Onsite Mound Wastewater Treatment Systems

Greg Mayfield will discuss GeoMat leaching system by GeoMatrix and Wasteflow PC drip irrigation by Geoflow.

Upon completion, attendees can request a Certificate to send to their respective accreditation entity. To receive a certificate attendee must be present for the whole event or watch any post-event recording in its entirety. Please note audio in this event will be via your computer or smart device only. If you would like to take part in a post-event telephone conference please check the box and enter your information in the registration form. 

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