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Customer Invitation Programs

We strongly encourage exhibitors to market your presence at the WWETT Show - let your customers know you will be displaying, and encourage them to come see you. It is an important way to drive qualified traffic to your booth. And, it gives you the opportunity to reward these customers with deeply discounted registration for the show. For 2018, the WWETT Show has two Customer Invitation options available to exhibitors.

Option A - Exhibitor-purchased packages

This option is for exhibitors who wish to purchase discounted registrations and give them to key customers or prospects.

  • Go to the Registration page from the Exhibitor Portal
  • Find the button labeled 'Invite a Customer'
  • Click this button and follow the instructions

These registration packages are available for your purchase at deeply discounted rates. 

Option B - Discount links to share

For this program, we are teaming up with NVYTES, a marketing company that specializes in this niche and has built a highly effective, proprietary program that the WWETT Show is making available to you as a resource. Note: participation in this program is free and available to all exhibitors.

The NVYTES system will help each exhibitor easily access and distribute high-quality marketing materials - emails, digital banners, and social media posts - customized with your company logo and your company message. Through these efforts, your customers will be encouraged to register themselves for the show, and will have access to deeply discounted rates. 

Want to get started with NVYTES? Click the button below to start the process, learn more about the program, and get contact information for the NVYTES team.

Virtual Press Room for Press Kits

The WWETT Show maintains a Virtual Press Room. Exhibitors can upload digital copies of their press kits to this site. The Virtual Press Room is made accessible to accredited members of the media who sign up to
attend WWETT Show 2018 through Press Registration.

Logos and Banners

Add the WWETT Show graphics to your website and customer correspondence, and let them know you will be exhibitong at WWETT Show 2018. Download by clicking the image

Would you like an exhibitor banner customized with your booth number? Send a request to the WWETT Show marketing team and we'll create one for you.

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Danny Green
WWETT Show Marketing